Our story

Mublo Fabrics is a Belgian supplier of upholstery fabrics and is characterised by a wide range of high-quality fabrics, tools and supplies for professionals and private individuals. In line with Mublo's commitment to European craftsmanship, Mublo Fabrics targets both small and large (re-)upholsterers and offers the possibility to order your desired fabrics per metre and have them delivered directly to you.

our products

As an expert in interior fabrics, Mublo Fabrics strives to offer products of high quality with attention to the aesthetic, technological and functional characteristics of textiles. All our products have to pass strict and extensive tests in our own production laboratory. All standards (EN, BS, NFPA, etc.) regarding quality and fire resistance are strictly controlled and certified.

In addition to residential furnishing fabrics, our range includes a series of high-quality fabrics for the contract market, outdoor fabrics and artificial leather, which comply with French standards M1 or M2, and other standards are also available on request.


Reducing our impact on the planet is a high priority for us and an integral part of who we are. All our new products are fully focused on making the sustainable choice, with innovative projects using natural and recycled yarns. With each new product, the range is more in line with a circular and local production model.

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